A state of being
17 de Noviembre de 2014

We have some patterns,
That we are used to be.
That we think we are.
And that details are part of us.
They are what we are.
What we think we are.
What is created,
Everything that we think we are,
Is part of us in the present moment.
Only now.
During that moment.
We always think we are something.
We create a model of the truth,
And we live that.
As it is the only truth.
The only one that exists,
In our own World.
Even Yoga is making part of our beliefs,
As the only truth.
And sometimes we get confused,
Because the beliefs changes,
As the thoughts.
But yoga is always the same.
Yoga is sameness.
Yoga is a path that shows us who we are.
It cleans the way,
Clear the mind,
But not alone.
Everything has to be with your approach,
With your will.
Is not only discipline or practice,
Is self-observation.
What you are doing.
Change what you think you are.
Change the thoughts that you think you are.
Clear the way.
When your body changes,
Your mind changes.
To show: You are not that.
Not the body,
Not the change,
Even the thoughts.
Realize who you are.
Clearing the conditions,
That are not yours.
Are just ideas,
Repetition of beliefs.

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