Practice Guidelines
27 de Diciembre de 2014

Bring your own mat.
If is possible bring a small blanket.
Bring a small towel.
Wear comfortable and light clothes.
Usually we don’t eat before the practice.
If you need to eat, you can have a tea or a piece of fruit, 1h30 before.
Don’t drink water during the practice, only a small amount if necessary.
Please, shower before practice.
Women, let the teacher know if you are during your period or pregnant.
Please, informe the teacher if you have any kind of injury or pain.
Let us know if is your first time at a Mysore class, even if you practiced Yoga before.
If is your first time, please arrive 7:30am.
If you are regular practitioners, you can arrive until 8:30am.
Full moon, New moon and Saturdays are day off.

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