. Bring your own mat.
. If is possible bring a small blanket.
. Bring a small towel.
Wear comfortable and light clothes.
. Usually we don’t eat before the practice.
. If you need to eat, you can have a tea or a piece of fruit, 1h30 before.
. Don’t drink water during the practice, only a small amount if necessary.
. Please, shower before practice.
. Women, let the teacher know if you are during your period or pregnant.
. Please, informe the teacher if you have any kind of injury or pain.
Let us know if is your first time at a Mysore class, even if you practiced Yoga before.
. If is your first time, please arrive 7:30am.
. If you are regular practitioners, you can arrive until 8:30am.
Full moon, New moon and Saturdays are day off.