Arriving Doesn’t mean you achieve the end The goal. It can be just the starting point. That’s the feeling of arrive in India. It starts before you start And is a process of adding many beginnings During time. Day by … Leer más

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Free will

“You must exist in order that you may think. You may think these thoughts or other thoughts. The thoughts change but not you. Let go the passing thoughts and hold on to the unchanging Self. The thoughts form your bondage. … Leer más

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Arunachaleswarar Temple (Tiruvannamalai)

Templo India Sri Arunachaleshvarar es el templo principal de la ciudad Tiruvannamalai, dedicado Siva,  Señor del Yoga, como el elemento fuego. El sitio está muy bien desarrollado por el departamento de turismo de Tamil Nadu (india). Aunque por razones tradicionales, … Leer más

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