The way we perceive…
2 de Febrero de 2015

There is so much to observe in our lives,
So much to see,
So much to review…
The same relation should be with our practice.
The way we observe,
The way we see,
The way we review…
There are so many possibilities in life.
So many realities,
So many ways to live…
And we can choose one,
Or some,
Until we find our way.
Our own path.
That is guiding us somewhere,
That maybe we know,
Or most of the times we don’t know.
But there is a choice,
A step,
A direction.
And we suppose to know where we wanna go.
Towards something.
This choice can be the key,
That help us to review our life,
Learn what we need to do,
And give another step.
Not the same one.
Not keep repeating the same steps,
Waiting for a change,
A movement that comes from the sky…
To change something,
First we need to see,
Review our acts.
Day by day,
Time to time,
Step by step,
Breath to breathe…
So one day we can realize,
That we don’t need to go anywhere.
To find ourselves…
To free yourself.

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