16 de Diciembre de 2014

Doesn’t mean you achieve the end
The goal.
It can be just the starting point.
That’s the feeling of arrive in India.
It starts before you start
And is a process of adding many beginnings
During time.
Day by day.
Maybe that’s why we feel the time goes slow…
Or fast…
The time disappears if you are just starting,
A new day,
Over and over again.
Everything passes continuously,
And we move during the flow of time.
Our mind is attached to time,
Sometimes we think we are losing it,
Other moments we are gaining.

Timeless, is presence.
No time, is attachment.
Everything is the way it supposed to be.
No worries about the future,
The present,
The excuses,
The consequences,
The weather,
The feelings,
The time.
It passes,
It maintains,
It moves,
With flow.
Surrendering is not a point of view,
Nor only a beautiful word.
It brings responsibility,
Moving into the unknown.
Doesn’t matter the time,
If its long is a gift, If is fast is a gift.
There is nothing to attain.
And no where to go.

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